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Sales Tools

FREE Design Service

Flex-Y-Plan uses the GIZA drawing system to  convert a rough sketch into a "to-scale" plan drawing and a 3-D drawing.  The customer gets a clear depiction of what their offices will look like and the dealer gets an all-inclusive price to quote with confidence.  Link to the download area for more information.
Competitive Information

We make it our business to stay current with competitive products.  Details on what to expect from a competitor and how Flex-Y-Plan stacks up in a features-to-features comparison are yours for the asking.  Simply email us your request.
Product Samples
Flex-Y-Plan quality shines when details are examined.  Cut-away product samples give a unique view of the raw materials, the interior structural strength and the skilled craftsmanship within each product.  

Scaled-down in size, product samples are easy to transport and make a valuable addition to any Flex-Y-Plan presentation.  Email us for details on sample products and pricing.

Presentation Assistance
Flex-Y-Plan has a great story to tell.  Presentation boards, power point programs and presentation guidelines help you tell that story to your customers.  Email us for more information.  
Promotional Items
T-shirts, polo shirts, architectural rules, posters and more make nice "thank you" gifts for clients or give-aways for trade-shows.  Consult Flex-Y-Plan for details and availability.

Product Information Request

Send mail to donw@fyp.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 03/10/04