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Factors Desking System

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Factors Desking System Introduction

A complete desking system or a stylish enhancement to Flex-Y-Plan's systems furniture lines, Factors Desking System function knows no bounds. Make the most of your open office spaces and encourage interaction for a team-oriented environment.  Where privacy is needed, simply incorporate Flex-Y-Plan panels or privacy screens.

Whether considering plans for a reception station, clerical area or furniture for a private office, Factors by Flex-Y-Plan offers the best value for your furniture dollar.  Furniture is not an every day purchase and as such, has to be strong enough to withstand hard day-to-day use and be versatile enough to adapt to changes.  Factors does just that.

Height adjustable worksurfaces, reversible supports, and a unique stud-and-slot connection method simplifies Factors installation and invites reconfiguration.  Components are meant to be used in a variety of configurations without the need to order additional hardware or supports. 

With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, Flex-Y-Plan recognizes the importance of reliabiltiy.  The confidence of quality is assured through Flex-Y-Plan's extensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Why Choose Factors Desking System?

Factors Desking System has many unique features that increase the value of your initial investment.  Learn more about the:


of Factors.  Or visit our Factors Photo Gallery for additional options.  

View the Factors Brochure in PDF format.

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Last modified: 03/10/04