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Emphasys Introduction

The Emphasys line by Flex-Y-Plan is as stress-free as furniture can get.  Unique features such as universal panel connectors and reversible supports keep parts and pieces to a minimum.  Installation is a breeze and design options through reconfiguration are limitless.

No matter how comfortable and easy-to-assemble a system is, it is only a good value if it lasts.  Flex-Y-Plan is so confident of the quality within Emphasys that an extensive Limited Lifetime Warranty applies.  Many competitors limit electrical, ergonomic items and fabric after a 3, 5 or 7 year period of time.  No item is excluded from our furniture warranty prior to a 10 year period from purchase date.

See how easy and stress-free your furniture projects can be by emailing or calling Flex-Y-Plan (Ph: 800-458-0552) now for more information.

Why Choose Emphasys?

Emphasys has many unique features that increase the value of your initial investment.  Learn more about the:
Reliability and Service


features of Emphasys.  Or visit our Emphasys Photo Gallery for additional options.

View the Emphasys Brochure in PDF format.

Product Information Request

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Last modified: 03/10/04