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Custom Capabilities

What happens when you offer a solutions-oriented product to your customer instead of what a manufacturer "happens to have as standard" in their price book?  You are setting yourself apart.  You are offering a service and a product that many others can not.  Utilizing this to your customer's advantage also works to your sales advantage. 

Flex-Y-Plan, as a small manufacturer, offers the flexibility larger companies can not provide.  Special size panels, worksurfaces, custom-engineered products, ceiling high panels name just a few of our "standard specials".  We don't add on costly upcharges and our custom products generally ship 6-7 weeks ARO.

Ceiling high panels custom fit your room and your need for enhanced privacy.
Custom shaped worksurfaces can be designed in virtually any shape or size.  Contact our sales department for quotation information.




Flex-Y-Plan can't say "we build everything but the kitchen sink"...'cause we've done sinks too!  Worksurfaces with cut-outs for sinks, columns, walls angles etc. are no problem for Flex-Y-Plan.


Modified standard product is an available option.  For example, these binder bin doors have custom recessed doors to allow stacking above the top shelf.   
Laminate panels are ideal for heavy traffic areas or for industrial and health care environments.  Surfaces simply wipe clean to maintain the like-new appearance. 
Whatever your custom product needs are, the best rule-of-thumb at Flex-Y-Plan is to ask.  Our service oriented approach to business encompasses standard and special requests.

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Last modified: 03/10/04